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Rooted: Thoughts, Stories and How-Tos from the BGC

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Welcome to "Rooted"

Our little slice of space to discuss plants, seeds, garden solutions and fun happenings at Brawley Seed Co. and Garden Center

We get it, blogs have been done before but what better way to find answers from your favorite neighborhood plant peddlers than a blog? I mean, we still have two phones at the shop with cords so we like to do things a little old school but that does not mean our expertise is dated. With our new blog "Rooted" you can expect wild anecdotes, how-tos from our staff, practical advice, and inspiration for your own gardens. While we focus on our portion of the NC Piedmont region and growing zone 7B, that does not mean that our methods and practices cannot be utilized if you're a little further from our home base.

Erin Maynard Photography

So who are we and why do we need a blog?

We are Kari and Adam Brawley, the brother and sister duo behind the next generation of Brawley Seed Co and Garden Center. With nearly 30 years experience between us (most of that from Adam ), we've seen a lot of garden trends come and go, heard a ton of old wives tales, and we're constantly learning new tricks for great gardens that we want to share with you.

Our style is gritty, funky, and informal. In store, we will never correct your pronunciation or ever admit if you asked a crazy question, and we plan to bring that same relaxed, welcoming energy to our blog. We are self-taught horticulturalist and know that most gardening and growing tactics are best learned by a hands-on method. It is our goal to make gardening and plants accessible to everyone.

Kari Brawley and Adam Brawley

In closing, we hope to see you back in this little space of the internet, we hope that you are inspired by our unique blend of heirloom and new age experience, we hope that you learn something new and that you get your hands in the soil.

Drop us a line by using the comment section below, tell us what you want to see or ask us your most searing garden questions and be sure to subscribe to be in the know.

-Life's a garden, dig it!

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