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Perennials for Vibrant Fall Color

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

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We are on the cusp of a new season here in the Piedmont region of NC and with a new season comes a new color palate. We are swapping our bright and bold florals for harvest hues and jewel-toned beauties. Check out our our favorite perennial plants that are sure to bring all the fall feels.

Autumn Joy Sedum: Aptly names for its mauve blooms that arrive just in time for fall. We love this plant for its ability to survive extreme heat that we sometimes experience in the beginning of fall. But the fun doesnt stop there, leaving blooms after theyve faded adds continued interest well into winter. This sedum features blooms that change from warm pink tones to rosy bronze finally turning brick red during colder weather. Consider this plant for containers or in a sunny landscape spot.

Echibeckia: When it comes to autumnal hues, look no further than echibeckia to serve up those gorgeous shades of burnt red, harvest yellow, and sultry orange. Echibeckia is a cross between two of our favorite perennials, echinacea and rudbeckia so naturally, we are obsessed. These beauties will serve weeks of color in containers or present stunning blooms in your landscape late summer through fall.

Evergreen Grasses: Two of our favorite grasses for fall both happen to be evergreen so they'll provide color all year long. Blue Dart features shades of soft green, topping off at 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide, this is a perfect grass for mixed containers. If your taste leans more towards warm tones, consider Ogon grass for your mixed containers. Brightly colored, slightly variagated, this evergreen grass grows 6-12 inches tall and wide and is the perfect companion to pansies and cabbage for fall and winter.

'Ascot Rainbow' Euphorbia: The sage and lime tones of this plant make it nearly perfect for any color scheme when designing container gardens for cooler months. A standout perennial, we love this bargain babe for it's unique summer blooms and year-round interest. Summer blooms are seriously fun with bright red bracts that last for ages.

Heuchera: Also known as Coral Bells, especially in the south, these plants will stand the test of time in your containers and gardens. As one of the most shade-tolerant plants on the list, this makes an excellent addition to those front porches that are on the shadier side. A fun note to remember about heuchera is the darker the foliage, the more sunlight it will take. Red and purple hues can take full sun to full shade, where the chartreuse greens, grays, and champagne colors will do very well in part to full shade. Don't sleep on this evergreen perennial plant, the applications are endless.

Aster: This beautiful late blooming perennial is ESSENTIAL for pollinator gardening. As one of the last blooming food sources for butterflies and bees, this nectar-rich plant is functional and beautiful for fall.

While perennial color typically only lasts for 6-8 weeks, we love the low maintenance of only planting once to enjoy the beauty year after year. It's always a delightful surprise when something you planted last year comes into bloom the next. Check out our next blog post on annual color for fall and winter and fabulous fall container recipe cards.

Life's a garden, dig it!

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