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Introducing the breathtaking 'Boscobel' David Austen Rose, known for its stunning coral-pink rosettes that open from vibrant red buds. Each flower showcases small petals in varying shades, creating a truly captivating visual display. But the beauty of the 'Boscobel' doesn't stop there - its myrrh fragrance offers a delightful mix of hawthorn, elderflower, pear, and almond. This upright shrub is not only a feast for the eyes and nose, but also offers ease of maintenance as it grows in your garden. Don't miss your chance to pre-order this beautiful 'Boscobel' rose for a summer filled with vibrant color and enchanting scents.


Flowering: Coral-Pink, Repeat Bloomer

Breeder: David Austen

Zone: 5-11

Size: 4ft tall x 4 ft wide

'Boscobel' David Austen Rose

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