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Upcoming Workshops.

The BGC offers a wide selection of seasonal workshops in the fall, winter and summer. Create a succulent topped pumpkin, plant a stunning terrarium, or learn new tricks and tips for your best vegetable garden, all workshops are hosted in shop and sure to be a good time.

Organic Beetroots

2.25.2023 & 3.1.2023

Homegrown 101: Intro to Vegetable Gardening

We are taking it back to the basics in our Intro to Gardening workshop. This class is perfect for the novice gardener, the one with the brown thumb, or those in need of a little garden inspiration. We will cover topics such as: planting schedules, growing conditions, common pest and other garden blunders, and so much more.

03.4.2023 & 3.8.2023

Gardening in Small Spaces: The Raised Bed Class

From patios to raised beds, we will be covering how to maximize production in a small space. Various topics include (but are not limited to): container gardening, square foot gardening, soils, fertilizers and plant selection. Enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own.

Community Garden

'21 & '22

Past Workshops

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